15 January 2020

Twitter post preview

This is a very short journal entry to check twitter post preview!

Tweets are so ephemeral:

Server-Side Tagging με το Google Tag Manager thecodebee.com
#serversidetagging #googleanalytics #googletagmanager ✨

Πως να συνδέσετε τον λογαριασμό σας Google Analytics 4 με project του Bigquery #check the video via @YouTube.

I have to try out embedding tweets directly into Eleventy build (I used Kyle Mit’s plugin as a starting point, but wanted better control over the markup so forked it and slimmed it down to my exact use-case).

…if do you use the recipe though, let me know what you think! We’re always here to hear feedback or positive stories of people using it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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15 January 2020 This is a very short journal entry to check twitter post preview!